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The Demise of a Drug-Addict

This is the story of a crackhead guyAsking for drugs from anyone who passed by. Snorting drugs was his daily routineHe did it till nothing could be seen Heroine, crack and Indian hayWere all he did to get through the day He knew

Puja Write Up

I can't help but be reminded of this time,but zoomed past a year back,all the excitement pent up for months,the preceding days being more thrilling than the subsequent ones. It's not just another festival for me,it's a feeling,a

Last Moments

Black, she used to love the colour, it was her go to colour for anything and everything until this moment , now laying in an almost deserted road covered in her pool of blood the only thing she could see with her eyes closed was black ,


She takes him through the smokeThings he should have discovered a long time agoHid himself behind the rampartsShe fixes him so he could begin a new startSurrounded by the darknessBlinded by the lightBrought out of hopelessnessTaught him