“Your Grace,”.Yes that’s how we all deserve to be called out by one another.The love,the respect,the politeness and the poetic charm,it’s all just so worth watching this show for.The beauty of this show is in its direction.The way its creators-Shonda Rhimes and Chris Van Dusen have been able to bring ahead the beauty of the tale that was in the form of the novel-”The Duke And I”,is beyond one’s understanding.

The cast and the crew is just so perfect.

Daphne Bridgerton-played by Phoebe Dynevor is so breathtakingly gorgeous that one’s jaw is ought to drop.The grace in the way she speaks,walks and even looks at someone makes your heart skip a beat.

The show deserves to standout and gain the limelight for another beautiful reason,i.e,the male protagonist is a black.Having a black protagonist is still considered to be a daring deal.Simon Basset,the Duke of Hastings-played by Rege-Jean page is a treat to one’s eyes and soul.His eyes do the talking.If you ever want to fall in love with an imaginary character,the Duke awaits you.

Being an Indian,I suggest this show is a must watch for us.We Indians never really have a proper sex-education.The problem is that it is still not considered to be an important element in the education curriculum.Bridgerton,in the most delicate and the most wonderful way,explains to us why is sex-education important.Why should parents never get a hiccup when this topic is raised and that it is not a sin to discuss it.

When it comes to list out the things that makes Bridgerton worth a watch,I fear I might just miss out something out of the million.

The creators talk about body shaming,how the society makes the life of a woman getting pregnant before marriage miserable,how its always the men’s opinion that matters,and how class and standard win over love.

When we look at these topics that Bridgerton covers,we feel like it is a tale based on today’s era.However it is a part of the history.Does this mean that our country in still living in the past because we as Indians can definitely relate to these matters even today.

Bridgerton gives you the most beautiful cinematic experience if you love poetic works.It will make you smile,laugh at the smart humor,it will make you weep at times but at the end,it will give you a a wholesome experience of love and life.

And as the Duke and the Duchess said,”I burn for you”,we burn for both of you!!

Bhavya Mittal
Roll no.:20051819, Branch:CSE
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