Puja Write Up


I can’t help but be reminded of this time,but zoomed past a year back,all the excitement pent up for months,the preceding days being more thrilling than the subsequent ones.

It’s not just another festival for me,it’s a feeling,a rush,there is a sense of belongingness to it.its all about reunions and homecoming…it’s just too hard to describe in words

I have never been able to stay grounded for these 10 days and have coincidentally ended up in different cities almost every year whether it be rishikesh,midnapore,bbsr or Bangalore but there has always been a sense of familiarity about it that no other festival could offer…the pandal hopping, everybody dressed up in their best attires and most importantly,the magnificent figurines that have had blood,sweat and tears all put into them,I could really stand there and just be lost in admiration…..

But this time it’s different,we all are trapped inside and it’s for the better that it stays that way , atleast this year.

I hope this year maa departs taking away all the down-feels , sufferings and sorrows with her and hopefully we will be able to make up for the lost year with double the vigour,thrice the excitement and 10 times the festivity fever that we missed on for a better tomorrow.

By- Punyaslok Dhal

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