The Demise of a Drug-Addict


This is the story of a crackhead guy
Asking for drugs from anyone who passed by.

Snorting drugs was his daily routine
He did it till nothing could be seen

Heroine, crack and Indian hay
Were all he did to get through the day

He knew he was killing his body and time
But the lust of addiction was heavier on his mind

Eyes sunk into the sockets, veins tearing out of the skin
Once a bright prospect, now no one could recognise him

He grew up in impoverished slums
Growing around these addicted bums

Lost many friends to drug overdose
But his destiny pushed him to the same epoch

An innocent child aged sixteen
Surrounded everywhere by crack fiends

Another youth that went down for real
Into the eternal darkness of oblivion

I wish he could go way back in time
And undo the wrong decisions he made for a dime

A product of his environment that he was
He led himself in the dark abyss of curse

Just to make some cash
He picked up selling hash

He was weighing some serious gold
Many men happily bought what he sold

Until the day he stopped drugs sale
Seemed to me that was the end of living hell

But alas! The worst was yet to come
Got to know he had himself snorted some

Cocaine. Unfortunately the demon got into his brain
Now he feels no sorrow and no pain

He knows about the demon in his head
Who will live with him till the day he’s dead

He doesn’t see any light
Too weak to put up a fight

Heard last night he was under strain
Today someone found him with a bullet in his brain

A suicide note beside him had something inscribed,
It said, “I don’t even have words to describe

How I feel and I find no way out.
Seems like the demon in my head is getting loud.

Looks like I am losing my own sanity.
My own demon has destroyed my old me.

With this I am hereby parting ways
Stay away from drugs, that’s all i can say.”

Abhinav Kumar
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