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To @priyanshupainyuli , 

I don’t have words right now to express the amount of respect and affection you hold in my heart since the very day I’ve seen you in “soulmates”. And trust me when you tell @anshul14chauhan that your father always believed in the myth saying “You’ll never be able to complete anything you start in life Or you will leave things undone always and end up running away all the time. .

Mannn! I felt you. .

I felt you exactly the way @anshul14chauhan could have felt at the moment. And also not-so-firm yet not-so-confused character you played in “soulmates” , that was super thoughtful and very amazing. .

I have never fantasized about men that way, At Least not yet! But yeaaah Mann! I would love to have a soulmate like you. .

Like the way you asked @anshul14chauhan ,” Is it necessary to commit?” You just defined what actual feelings are all about. .

The real intentions behind all your “Imphal tomorrow?” , The way you wanted her to stay back but also on the other side you’re willing not to stop her just because you wanted her to stay back and the way you gave her her space, respecting and accepting different perceptions and point of views and also the way you maintained the gap in-between while she was riding. Every effort of yours’ throughout the season is appreciated in every possible way. .

So, Thankyou . Thankyou for choosing an amazing character and telling the world, Not all boys are the same. And letting our generation know that in love, it’s not necessary to hold back or to stay together in order to prove your love and It is okay sometimes, to be unsure about the feelings you have for people. Thankyou for giving us “soulmates”. .

From an admirer who  has binge watching your  amazing piece.

Khushali Verma
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