Day-3 of KINS e-Seminar on Teaching Methods


Use of A.V. Aids in teaching has a positive impact in retaining the attention of students as well as building their interest and maintaining continuity in the field of education. The third and final day of e-Seminar on ‘Teaching Methods, A.V. Aids and Application of Nursing Theory’ organized by Kalinga Institute of Nursing Sciences (KINS) was devoted to the use of A.V. Aids in teaching. 

Ms. Akansha Tripti Horo began the session on the usefulness of display boards as a tool and explained about its types, guidelines, advantages and limitations. Mr. Biswajit Shil took a session on Models, Specimens and Exhibitions as A.V. Aids. “Exhibition gives a sense of accomplishment and achievements”, he stated. Mr. Divyanshu Tiwari explained the use of OHP, flash cards and posters as visual aids. He emphasized on choosing the correct type of A.V. Aids as per the content.

Ms. Susmita De spoke on different 3-D aids, guidelines to be followed and their advantages. “3Dimentional aids are nearest to living experience,” she stated. Ms. Bishnupriya Lenka took a session on charts as an important tool and described the types and uses of different charts. Ms. Pragyan Paramita Bhoi proposed the vote of thanks. 

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