Department of Community Medicine Observes Two-Week Long World Health Day, 2024


The Department of Community Medicine made the World Health Day celebration this year unique in many ways, making it into a two-week long eventful meet in deviation from the age-old practice, to underscore its significance among the students. The theme of the day this year was “MY HEALTH, MY RIGHT”.

World-wide, the day is celebrated on April 7, but the Department decided to hold a series of engaging sessions over two weeks involving the students at large. It began on April 2 with Lamp lighting by Brig. Prof Dr. Ambika Prasad Mohanty (Dean & Principal, School of Medicine, KIMS) on the day of IAPSM (Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine) Quiz preliminary round (for MBBS students).

Latest news The aim of the quiz was to sensitize medical students on health problems identified for world health day. Dr. Krishna Mishra, Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine was the nodal officer for the IAPSM WHD Quiz from Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Bhubaneswar. Permission to conduct the quiz was obtained from Respected Principal Sir, Brig. Prof Dr. Ambika Prasad Mohanty. The planning and preparation for the quiz were carried out by Dr. Krishna Mishra under the guidance of Prof and HOD, Prof. (Dr.) Sonali Kar, Prof. (Dr.) Basanta Kumar Behera and Prof. (Dr.) Ipsa Mohapatra along with the keen and continuous help of the postgraduate students (Dr. Dibyajyoti Mandal, Dr. Ayesha Das, Dr. Priyanka Mohanty, Dr. Gauri Kumar Rath, Dr. Sneha Bhowmik, Dr. Liwa Pattnaik and Dr.Asutosh Pradhan) from the department under the able leadership of Prof. (Dr.) Sonali Kar, Professor and Head, Depart of Community Medicine, KIMS.

Special thanks to Dr. Dibyajyoti Mandal who has looked into the management of all the logistics. There were two rounds in Quiz. In the Prelims round, 39 students participated making 13 teams out of which 4 teams were selected for the Final Round for 8th April 2024.   It was chaired by Prof (Dr) Shubhransu Patro (Associate Dean & Vice Principal, KIMS), Prof (Dr.) Smita Kumari Panda (Professor, Dept of Community Medicine, VSS Medical College, Burla, Odisha), Prof (Dr.)  Basanta Kumar Behera (Professor, Dept of Community Medicine, KIMS), Prof (Dr.) Ipsa Mohapatra (Professor, Dept of Community Medicine). The Winners of IAPSM QUIZ were Parth Singh Tharkoti, Prateek Kumar &Tamali Ghosh (Batch 2020 : Third Professional Part-II )

The Face Painting Event was held on 5th April 2024 from 3-5 pm in the KIMS Auditorium. 20 Teams (each team comprising of 1 Artist & 1 Model)  from different colleges and schools participated and it was judged by Miss Tulip Suman ( Faculty, KIIT School of Law ), Dr Rama Krishna Gudu  (Assistant Professor , Dept Of  Pediatrics , KIMS ), Dr S SuneetiKanyari (Associate Professor, Department of Community Medicine, KIMS) ,  Dr. IpsitaDebata ( Associate Professor, Department of Community Medicine, KIMS)  and Dr Smriti Madhusikta (Senior Resident, Department of Community Medicine, IMS& SUM Hospital). The whole event was hosted by Dr RituSahu (Final year PG, Department of Community Medicine, KIMS). IkshyaRupayita Ray and Sneha Kumari from 2022 Batch ,KIIT School Of Law were the winners, second position was secured by Ipsita Pradhan and Rajanandini Sahoo from  MBBS Batch 2021 of IMS & SUM Hospital  and Jagreeti Ray from MBBS  Batch 2020 and Ayan Samanta Batch from MBBS  2022, KIMS got the third position.

The Debate competition was held on 6th April 2024 from 10 am-1 pm at LT-2 where 23 Students from different colleges & hospitals participated. It was judged by Dr Sucheta Priyabadini (Professor, Rama Devi college, Bhubaneswar), Dr. Sourav Bhattacharjee (Nutrition Office , UNICEF), Dr DebasisMaikap (Assistant Professor, Department of Immunology & Rheumatology, KIMS), Dr Alpana Mishra (Associate Professor, Department of Community Medicine, KIMS ), Dr Prem Sagar Panda (Assistant Professor, Dept of Community Medicine, KIMS) and Dr PragyanParimita (Senior Resident, Dept of Community Medicine, DDMCH, Keonjhar). The event was hosted by Dr Asutosh Pradhan & Dr Priyanka Mohanty (PG, Department Of Community Medicine, KIMS).  Trisha Rath from KIIT International School (mention class and stream) secured the first position, Sagar Sinha ( MBBS, Batch 2021) from IMS & SUM Hospital stood second and AsutoshPathy (MBBS Batch 2020) of KIMS stood third.

All the winners will be awarded with exciting cash prizes along with mementos and trophies in the CME  ( Continuing Medical Education ) that’s going to be conducted by the Department of Community Medicine , KIMS  on 20th April , 2024 .

The Nukkad Performance focused on enlightening the public on their right to Good Health & Appropriate Health care by promoting Good Health care practices .  where 9 MBBS Students performed Infront of The main Hospital Campus Building   making their Message very clear “ Good practices over Bad practices showcasing the theme “ MY HEALTH, MY RIGHT “ .

The events were successfully organized by the Post Graduates of Dept of Community Medicine and was guided by Prof (Dr.) Sonali Kar (Professor & HOD, Department of Community Medicine, KIMS) and all the faculties of Dept. of Community Medicine. We are thankful to Dr. Achyuta Samanta (Founder ,  KIIT & KISS ) , Prof ( Dr) Chinmoy Bijay Kumar Mohanty (Pro-Vice Chancellor & Professor of Medicine , KIMS ) , Brig. Dr Prof. Dr. Ambika Prasad Mohanty (Dean & Principal, School of Medicine, KIMS) , Prof (Dr) Ram Chandra Das , AVM (Medical Superintendent, KIMS ),  Mr . K.P. Dwivedy (Director, Campus Relations, KIMS) & Dr. Nandita Sen (Director, Student Affairs, KIMS) for all the support and permission for the events.

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