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KSRM Organizes a Guest Talk

KSRM organized an Inspirational Talk for MBA (Rural Management), MBA (Agri-business Management) and Post Graduate Diploma in Community Development (PGDCD) students. Mr. Brahmanand S Siingh, CEO and Founder of Mobius

KSRM Organizes Guest Talk

A talk was organized by KSRM on 12th August 2022 for the students of MBA(ABM), MBA(RM) and PGDCD as part of the KSRM Guest Talk Series. The speaker for the talk was Mr. Uddalak

KSRM Organise Alumni Talk

An Alumni talk was organized by KIIT School of Rural Management (KSRM) for the students of MBA(RM) on 4th August 2022. The speaker was Mr. Rohit Maskara, MBA (RM) batch of 2009-11. He threw light on the three

KSRM Organizes Alumni Talk for MBA Students

KIIT School of Rural Management (KSRM) organized an Alumni Talk by Mr. Akram Khan, MBA-RM (batch of 2017-19) for the students of MBA (Rural Management) and MBA (Agribusiness Management) on 7th April, 2022. He spoke about the basic