KSRM Organizes Guest Talk


KIIT School of Rural Management (KSRM) organized a guest talk on “Effective Sales Promotion Strategy in the Agri-Input Sector” on 28th July 2023. The talk was delivered by Mr. Bibudatta Mishra, Regional Sales Manager (Field Crop), and Mr. Abhijit Samal, Area Sales Manager (Field Crop), Odisha at Pan Seeds Pvt. Ltd.

During the talk, Mr. Samal discussed the 4 P’s of sales strategy, sales initiatives, and branding strategy. He emphasized the importance of creating a brand that aligns with the company’s values. Additionally, he provided a glimpse of some successful promotional activities undertaken by Pan Seeds. On the other hand, Mr. Mishra delved into the topic of “Sales Effectiveness Training Program.” He took the participants through the different steps of group selling skills, explaining the selection and delivery of various types of pitches to dealers and retailers. Mr. Mishra also highlighted different promotional activities, including pre-sales activities, pilot programs, and demonstrations.

Mr. Bibudatta Mishra has more than two decades of experience in the agri-input sector. He had previously worked with Pioneer Seeds and also has experience in the sugar industry. On the other hand, Mr. Abhijit Samal pursued his MBA in Agribusiness Management from Utkal University and has been associated with Pan Seeds for close to five years.

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