KSRM Organizes ‘Pratibimb’ – A Street Theatre Festival


In a remarkable effort to address issues of women’s empowerment and gender discrimination in rural areas, the Cultural and Communication Club of KIIT School of Rural Management (KSRM) organized ‘Pratibimb,’ a vibrant street theatre festival, on 14th October 2023. The event saw active participation from 63 enthusiastic KSRM students pursuing MBA in Agri-Business Management and MBA in Rural Management.

The festival employed a rich tapestry of artistic elements, including puppets, masks, and traditional dance forms representing diverse Indian states. These captivating elements were effectively used to underscore the immense potential of “Nukkad Natak” or street theatre as a powerful tool for rural marketing communication. Professor Nishith Parida, Director, KSRM and Dr. Damodar Jena, Dean along with the faculty and staff of the institute were present. 

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