Weekend Webinar by E-Labs of KIIT School of Electronics Engineering


E-Labs, a Student Society of School of Electronics, hosted a two-day webinar session for web development bootcamp that empowered the participants through the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript on 31st July and 1st August 2021. E Labs is a peer to peer learning community of the School of Electronics Engineering that engages young minds in understanding and discovering trending technologies beyond the curriculum.

The event was divided into sessions over two days. On the first day, the participants learnt about the framework in place, and built the static content for a Weather App alongside the instructor Mr. Raj Gupta. On the second day, the static content was made dynamic by integration of REST API services and participants were given a feel of backend integration. For this day, Mr. Viswanath Akash was the instructor. The response to both the days of the weekend webinar was excellent and received positive feedback, with an average of fifty participants in both sessions.

The support of Director (Student Research Cell), Prof. N K Rout; and FIC of E Labs, Prof J. K. Das and Prof Tejaswini Kar were instrumental towards the success of the event. The event was planned by E-Labs student coordinators from fourth year and third year. E-Labs has planned to come out with more such events geared towards peer learning for KIIT students absolutely free of cost, in the coming weeks.

Webinar by E-Labs
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