Art of Giving Campaign by NSS Bureau of KIIT School of Civil Engineering


With the arrival of 2021, ‘NSS Builders’ organized ‘Art of Giving’ campaign in the first two weeks of the new year to make it special for the underprivileged and poor people and start the year with kindness and compassion that NSS stands for.

Even as people were welcoming the new year and enjoying with their families and friends, the NSS volunteers realized that there are people who are suffering and don’t have access to even the basic necessities of life. They are struggling to survive from the endless cold nights without a roof and without a piece of warm cloth on them. Under the mentorship of Program Officer Prof. Satya Ranjan Samal and Prof. Gaurav Udgata it was decided by the volunteers from all over the country to take a solving approach by distributing blankets to poor and needy people in all parts of the countryand bring a smile on their faces.

It was a very satisfying experience for the NSS Volunteers of the School of Civil Engineering.

The volunteers of the NSS Bureau of KIIT School of Civil Engineering expressed gratitude to Founder, KIIT & KISS, Dr. Achyuta Samanta; Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Hrushikesha Mohanty; Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Sasmita Samanta; Dean SCE, Dr. Sanjib Moulick; and Program Coordinator KIIT NSS Bureau, Prof. Kajal Parashar for their constant support and guidance.

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