Department of Mathematics, KIIT School of Applied Sciences Celebrates “Mathematics Week”


To commemorate the 136th birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan, the Department of Mathematics, School of Applied Sciences, KIIT Deemed to be University celebrated “Mathematics Week” by organizing a two-day series of expert talks followed by poster presentation by Ph.D. scholars from 20th-21st December 2023. Prof. Sudarsan Padhy (Ex-Director of Institute of Mathematics and Applications); Prof. Sudarsan Nanda (Professor of Eminence and Research Chair, KIIT-DU); Prof. Mahendra Prasad Biswal (Emeritus Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, KIIT-DU); and Prof. Pramod Kumar Das (Emeritus Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, KIIT-DU) delivered their talks.

National Mathematics Day (December 22) which commemorates great mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan’s birthday, promotes and highlights his outstanding accomplishments. Ramanujan was regarded as a skilled mathematician because he contributed important mathematical analysis and solved some of the unsolvable equations. The goal of Mathematics Week celebration is to increase public understanding of the value of mathematics. At this event, people recognized the value of Mathematics in advancing humanity at all levels.

On this occasion, Dean, School of Applied Sciences, Prof. P. Rath inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp. Dr. Abhijit Sutradhar (Convener) and Dr. Utkal Keshari Dutta (Co-Convener) introduced the guests to the audience and managed the event. On 20th December 2023, Prof. S. Padhy delivered a talk on the topic “The Mathematics of Web Search” followed by the talk of Prof. S. Nanda on the life history and contribution of Srinivasa Ramanujan to mathematical society.

On the next day, Prof. M. P. Biswal illustrated the Approximation of Pi(π) Using a Trigonometric Series. Prof. P. K. Das delivered a talk on the topic “Marriage Problem” based on Graph Theory, and thereafter the two-day series of talks was summarized by Dr. Mrutyunjay Das (Coordinator, Dept. of Mathematics, KIIT-DU).

Later, in the session of poster presentations, a committee chaired by Prof. Pramod Kumar Das evaluated the posters of research scholars from the Dept. of Mathematics in which Ms. Kanak Lata Xalxo and Ms. Itishree Sahu received the 1st and 2nd position respectively. All the faculty members, research scholars and M.Sc. Students of the department attended the event.

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