KSPH Organises Discourse on Career Opportunities in ‘Medical Coding’


The KIIT School of Public Health (KSPH) organized a Career Talk on the scope of ‘Medical Coding’ for MPH, MHA, BDS, B.Sc., and M.Sc. Nursing students. A four-member team from the AAPC, a renowned credentialing and capacity-building organization for medical coders, delivered the talk on 17th and 18th of October 2023 in two separate sessions. The focus of the discourse was on the scope, career path, learning, and licensing options in ‘Medical Coding’ for the students.

Medical coding deals with the transformation of healthcare diagnoses, procedures, medical services, and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric codes. These medical codes further translate the patient’s documentation into standardized codes that inform payers (insurance companies or public sector undertakings) about the patient’s diagnosis, medical necessity for treatments, services, or supplies the patient received, treatments, services, and supplies provided to the patient in the hospital, and any unusual circumstances or medical conditions that affected those treatments and services. It helps stakeholders to maintain a standardized approach to payer-payee business in the healthcare sector.

Nearly 250 students from these three schools attended the event. Faculty members Dr. Kailash Chandra Das (KIDS), Prof. Asokan R (KINS), and Mr. Saumya Ranjan Pani (KSPH) coordinated the events for their respective schools. Prof. Bhuputra Panda, Director of KSPH, expressed gratitude to the AAPC team for their valuable career guidance.

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