KIIT School of Public Health Organizes International Seminar on ‘Universal Health Coverage’


The KIIT School of Public Health (KSPH), KIIT Deemed to be University, hosted an international seminar on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) on 7th February 2024 as a pre-KIIT Fest 7.0 event. The aim of the seminar was to deliberate on the current scenario, challenges, best practices and way ahead in achieving UHC by 2030.  UHC is defined as access to and provision of an essential basket of healthcare services of acceptable standard to everyone who needs those services, irrespective of social and economic conditions.

The seminar featured two distinguished speakers: Prof. Stefano Greco, Founder Director of Chitkara Spaak Centre for Multidisciplinary European Studies, Chitkara University, Punjab; and Prof. Monika Steffen, Senior Research Fellow and Former Director of Pacte CNRS (French National Center of Scientific Research), France. Prof. (Brig.) Ambika Prasad Mohanty, Dean & Principal, KIMS graced the inaugural session, which was also attended by Director of KSPH, Prof (Dr.) Bhuputra Panda, faculty members, students and staff members of KSPH.

Extending a warm welcome to the guests and speakers, Prof. (Dr.) Bhuputra Panda referred to the recently tabled UHG Global Monitoring Report (2023) at the UN Headquarters, emphasizing upon the significance of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Indian context and its relevance to graduates of public health and hospital administration. Prof. (Brig.) Ambika Prasad Mohanty highlighted the recent advancements in medical science and relevant policy changes contributing to the objectives of achieving UHC in India. He talked about the role of KIMS in the provision of healthcare.

Prof. Stefano Greco delivered a lecture on the importance of universal health coverage for sustainable development and human rights. He underscored the advantages of universal health coverage in improving health outcomes, reducing poverty, fostering social cohesion, and stimulating economic growth.

Prof. Monika Steffen discussed how European countries attained universal health coverage through various financial risk protection models and mechanisms. She compared and contrasted the experiences of different European countries in terms of financing, governance, service delivery, and equity. Furthermore, she shared insights and policy recommendations for advancing universal health coverage in other regions.

Prof. Himanshu Sekhar Pradhan, Asso. Prof, KSPH and Organizing Chairman of KIIT FEST 7.0 delivered a presentation on the “Universal Health Coverage in India – A Brief Overview” and proposed the vote of thanks. Following the seminar, Master of Public Health students delivered presentations, and an interactive session allowed participants to put questions and exchange their perspectives on the topic.

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