Webinar Series on Counseling

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Ongoing pandemic has changed the way we look at classroom teaching and evaluation. Keeping in view of the safety of the students , faculty and others, focus is more on online teaching. The new norm has been adopted seamlessly in KIIT. Taking the process a step forward, a series of counseling sessions have been arranged at the instance of Prof. Sasmita Samanta, Pro Vice-Chancellor, KIIT DU, for students, school/year wise for the Schools of Technology. The Webinar series was conducted from 21st July to 31st July, 2020.

Dr. Sucheta Priyabadini, Director Student Counseling welcomed the students and apprised them about the work being done in the Counseling cell. She advised the students to optimize their time and resources in a positive manner, in these difficult times. She also briefed the students about the great humanitarian work being done by the Founder of KIIT and KISS, Dr. Achutya Samanta, in supporting the Covid19 initiative of the Government of Odisha and also the range of community outreach programs undertaken during these trying times.

Dr. Tripura Mishra, Vice Principal of KISS and yoga guru, gave a demonstration of a few eye exercises on how to reduce the adverse effect of glare from the computer screen and mobile phones. Dr. Sujata Acharya shared inspiring stories of how the students of KISS would go to any length to receive internet signals by climbing hills and tall trees to participate in online classes. Dr. Rajalaxmi Panda, Dy. Director Counseling emphasized the need for creating awareness about dealing with the Covid patients and that there is no stigma attached to it. Dr Bijaylaxmi Routray elaborated on the developments in Digital Library, e-learning and e- books for the students and how to access them.

Some members who are normally associated with the counseling cell were also invited to share their inputs. Dr. Lalita Patnaik, CCMO, KIMS addressed the students on issues of social distancing, mask usage and sanitization. Dr. Pranab Mohapatra, Psychiatrist, advised the students to introspect and formulate the right kind of approach to life to remain physically and mentally healthy. Some of the faculty members including Prof. Sanjeev Moulik, Prof. Israj Ali, Prof. Snehalika, Prof. Debjyoti Sahu, Prof. Smaranika Nayak, Prof. Gaurav Udgata and Prof. Benu Gopal Mohapatra, Director, School of Civil Engineering, could take time out of their busy schedule and be a part of this student outreach program, sharing their valuable experience. Positive participation of students in classroom sessions would motivate the teachers, they said. The students were also advised how positive vibes can help overcome pandemic blues.

Large part of the sessions was thrown open to the students to share their views and experiences in dealing with these challenging times. The students appeared broadly focused on staying positive and awaiting return to the buzz of campus life sooner rather than later. While some of the students said they were following the footsteps of the Hon’ble Founder, by supporting the poor and the needy in their neighborhood, some others were creating public awareness about Covid19 through videos. Remarkably, one student has developed a sanitizing machine.

The students were advised to share their good work with us through videos/write-ups etc. which can be highlighted. The students suggested conducting more of such sessions in which some of them can showcase their feel good stories through individual presentations. While wishing the students safe and healthy stay, they were advised to get in touch with the Counseling Cell in case there arose any need for individual counseling.