KIMS Celebrates World Cancer Day 2020


The Cancer Epidemic is rapidly sweeping across the world sparing none. Be it the affluent countries or the under developed, all countries across the spectrum have to bear the brunt of this scourge, paying heavily in terms of lost quality of life, mortality and burden on individual and national expenses. The Health sector is battling with limited resources and expertise to overcome this  group of diseases.

In such a scenario, it is vital that community awareness and participation in cancer awareness and prevention are encouraged. On a Global scale, Union for International Cancer Control(UICC) is spearheading this movement with The World Cancer Day being observed all over the World on February 4th every year.

Every year or couple of years, the theme varies as per the prevailing priorities. This year’s running theme from last year is “I AM, I WILL”, emphasizing individual contribution to the movement. Additional emphasis has been given with the additional call, Act Now, Learn How. This is an added call emphasizing the urgent need for individual and community participation and awareness to fight Cancer.

KIMS has always been at the forefront of community awareness initiatives, whether it be in the Medical College Setting, Urban Setting or  in taking Health Care to the remotest parts of the state. This year also KIMS rolled down its initiatives for Cancer Awareness with the flagging off of the  World Cancer Day Rally by The Principal of KIMS, Maj. Gen.(Prof).Dr. P.K. Patnaik.

The event saw the organizational input and active participation of Executives from Pradyumna Bal Memorial Hospital, like Dr. Shaktimaya Mohapatra, Facility Director; Mr. Soumya Kanta Satpathy, G.M.; Mr. K.P. Dwibedy, Sr. A.O.; Mr. Jaydeep Samantray, Manager Marketing and Mr. Debadutta Sahoo, Central Lab Manager among many others. Besides the Oncology Team from KIMS, namely, Dr. Saroj Ranjan Sahoo, Dr. Sabyasachi Parida & Dr. Subrat  Kumar Sahu, Senior  Surgical Oncologists as well as Dr. Jogamaya Pattnaik, Medical Oncologist.

Wholehearted participation from the ever cheerful students of KISS brought joy. The event culminated with all the four Oncologists addressing and interacting with the loving and enthusiastic KISS students and addressing their Cancer related queries. This is to be followed by yearlong awareness initiatives at various forums at community level.

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