GREAT TALK in collaboration with British Council organized at KIIT


KIIT School of Architecture and Planning, in collaboration with British Council, organized a talk to the students and faculty, titled “GREAT TALK” by Morag  Myerscough on 16th January, 2020 at the Architecture Auditorium as part of the  Lecture Series by Experts. 

Morag Myerscough is a prolific graphic designer who has eclectic  breadth  of  work which covers  the  conversion  of  a  train  to a  café,  installations,  numerous  exhibitions  and  interpreting buildings. She  has  designed  several  exhibits  for  London’s Design  Museum  from  Archigram  to  Formula  1  as  well as the  exterior  of  the  British  Pavilion  for  the  2004  Venice Biennale. 

The students were very inspired by her joyful interpretation with vivid  colours which she very categorically states as her approach to art rather than a style. Her art is a culmination of the various influences from her childhood. 

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