World Autism Awareness Day Celebrated at KiiT International School


KiiT International School, under its ‘Sen Globe’ initiative, marked World Autism Awareness Day today with a series of events aimed at shedding light on autism and advocating for the acceptance and support of individuals with autism. The programme was graced by the President of KiiT and KISS Saswati Bal, Chairperson of the Odisha Skill Development Authority Alaka Mishra, and Mohammad Nadeem Noor from UNFPA Odisha.

In her speech, Mishra emphasized that autism should not be seen as a disability but rather a different ability. She highlighted the need for developing skills in children with autism to enable them to be as capable as their peers without autism. Mrs. Mishra stressed the importance of providing these children with various life skills training to harness their unique capabilities.

Get the latest news Dr. Mona Lisa Bal, Chairperson of KiiT International School said that under the SEN Global initiative, they have succeeded in putting 15 percent of the enrolled special children into mainstream education.

Mohammad Noor, addressing the attendees, pointed out that every child with autism is unique and independent and must be creatively provided with education to foster their innate creativity. He underscored the necessity of taking special care to nurture creativity among these children.

Mrs. Saswati Bal advised parents to offer more love and accept that the fact that their children are special, will eventually lead to their holistic development.

The Founder of KIIT and KISS Dr. Achyuta Samanta was present with the special children to celebrate the Day, during which the children staged cultural shows.

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