IKIGAI 2023: KiiT International School Celebrates 17th Annual Day


KiiT International School sparkled with enthusiasm and talent as ‘IKIGAI 2023,’ its 17th annual day celebration, unfolded in a kaleidoscope of colours and performances by the spirited students.

Ms. Saswati Bal, President, KIIT & KISS inaugurated the Annual Day of the School while Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder, KIIT & KISS joined as chief guest. In his speech, Dr. Samanta emphasized the school’s remarkable growth and highlighted the collective joy among students, parents, and well-wishers. Dr. Samanta underscored the school’s pioneering efforts in special child education, asserting its significance as a beacon nationwide in nurturing students in the current age of knowledge and holistic development.

Dr. Monalisa Bal, Chairperson of KiiT International School, emphasized the innate genius within every child, advocating for the cultivation of higher thinking coupled with multifaceted abilities.

School Principal Dr.Sanjay Suar presented the annual report during the event, while the Founder released the CARINAE platform. Exceptional students who shone in academic and sports events at home and on the international stage were honoured and felicitated.

The crowning moments of the evening were the breathtaking performances by the Special Education Needs (SEN) Department, receiving thunderous applause and heartfelt cheers from the audience. The cultural extravaganza continued with mesmerizing Indian classical dance performances and an eclectic fusion of Indian and Western music, showcasing the diverse talents nurtured at KiiT International School.

Recognizing outstanding contributions, the ‘Red House’ clinched the title of ‘Best House of the Year,’ while the ‘Green Brigade’ triumphed as the ‘Best Eco Club of the Year.’

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