4th Kalinga Global Film Festival ‘Kahe Ballav’ becomes the star attraction of 3rd day

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The third day of the Kalinga Global Film Festival (KGFF) organized by School of Film & Media Sciences in association with Federation of Film Societies of India (FFSI) saw a sizable audience enjoying various movies throughout the day.

The highlight of the day was the screening of Kadambini Media Production’s “Kahe Ballav” (Ballav Speaks), a research documentary directed by Prof. Himansu Sekhar Khatua, Produced by Iti Samanta, Cinematographed by Manas Rath and Edited by Ajaya Kumar Mishra. It has received jury recognition in 30th Odisha State Film Awards recently.

The documentary movie on Mughal Tamasha – a unique folk theatre from Bhadrak region of Odisha was well appreciated by the audience. This brilliant piece of art is an endeavor to promote Odisha’s rich culture and protect dying art forms.

Besides this an enriching panel discussion on ‘Film Education’ by three panelists namely Mr. Tulsidas Mishra, Professor Pankaj Saxena, FTII, Pune and Mr. Dilip Panda, Principal, Biju Patnaik Film and TV Institute of Orissa, Cuttack.

Professor Pankaj Saxena made a comparison between the old and the new cinema by stating the example of Dilip Kumar who didn’t go to a film school yet did so well in the industry. He also said that education is a summary of something that one has learned. There were several questions raised by Mr. Tulsidas Mishra to which the other two panelists enlightened the audience.

The panelists also stated that film education is important to survive the present technological era. “Internet and Google have made a lot of difference in students but they are still after wisdom,” said Mr. Dilip Panda.

The versatility and specialization in the field of film studies were also discussed. Citing an example of Bollywood film director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Professor Pankaj said that only a specialized director can do a work like him, said Professor Pankaj.

The third day of KGFF was successful and productive with screenings of films and documentaries from various parts of Asia and India.

The day started with a 5-minutes news bulletin about the event and a newsletter by the students of the School of Mass Communication.

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