KIIT Faculty Delivers Talk on “Design & Analysis of Metasurfaces for Sensor & Communication”


Dr. Sudhakar Sahu, Professor & Program Head EEE, School of Electronics Engineering, KIIT Deemed to be University was invited as a speaker to deliver a talk at a webinar as a part of AICTE-sponsored Faculty Development Program (FDP) organized by Electronics & Communication Engineering Department of GITA Engineering College (Autonomous), Bhubaneswar on the theme “Design & Analysis of Metasurfaces for Sensor and Communication” on 20th May 2021.

Metasurfaces are a topic of significant research and are used in various applications due to their unique ability to manipulate electromagnetic waves in microwave and optical frequencies. Metasurfaces are two-dimensional (2D) or planar versions of metamaterials with sub-wavelength thickness. Metasurfaces have unique abilities for blocking, absorbing, concentrating, dispersing, or guiding waves both on the surface at grazing incidence and in space at normal and oblique incidence, from microwave to optics. Metasurfaces are integrated with the RF, Microwave Components and devices to improve their performances like miniaturization of the devices, improvement of gain and bandwidth, etc. Metamaterials/Metasurfaces are multi disciplinary research areas from material sciences to technology.

Metamaterials and metasurfaces unit cell design and characterization were presented at the webinar. Two applications of metasurfaces: wideband high gain Fabry Perot Cavity based resonant cavity antenna for space applications and W-band Metasurface based lens antenna system for plasma detection were described. The various applications of metasurfaces as sensors in microwave imaging and high directive gain antenna design for medical diagnostics were also presented.

The talk was envisioned to provide the basic understanding of metamaterial and metasurfaces and their various applications to sensor and communication. Faculty members from different institutes joined and discussed at the webinar.