KIIT School of Applied Sciences Organizes Seminar on ‘Synthesis of Platinum Metal Complexes and Their Utilization in Catalysis’


The Department of Chemistry, KIIT School of Applied Sciences organized a Departmental Seminar on ‘Synthesis of Platinum Metal Complexes and their Utilization in Catalysis’ by Professor Samaresh Bhattacharya on 19th September 2020.

In his lecture, Prof. Bhattacharya explained the basic chemistry behind metal-carbon bond formation in organometallics and elaborated the ways to design new complexes of the platinum group of metals using a variety of organic ligands and about their catalytic potential towards certain chemical transformations. In his hour-long talk, he delivered explanations and expositions, enriching knowledge of overall inorganic chemistry to the audience.

Professor Bhattacharya is one of the most eminent scientists of the country. He has been a well known professor of Inorganic Chemistry in Jadavpur University of Kolkata, West Bengal for the last twenty years. He was awarded the coveted S. S. Bhatnagar Prize in 2005, the Ramanna Fellowship of DST in 2009, the A. P. C. Roy memorial award in 2019 and many more recognitions from various scientific organizations all over the world.

Faculty members and students from within the University, Odisha and other states joined this Seminar. The entire program was coordinated by Dr. Sohini Sarkar and the session was chaired by Dr. Prasanta Rath, coordinator of the Department of Chemistry.