Observation of International Nurses Day-2021 at KINS


“Nurses are of unique kinds. They have this insatiable need to care for others, which is both their greatest strength and fatal flaw.” Jean Watson

International Nurses Day is a Global Celebration that acknowledges the commitment and bravery of Nurses around the world. It is observed on 12th May every year in commemoration of Florence Nightingale, the world’s most renowned Nurse who was born on this very day in 1820. In fact, she is the Founder of Modern Nursing.

Nurses are the backbone of Hospitals and Clinics taking care of millions of patients. They have critical roles and responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. They remain at the forefront of patient care in hospitals and are actively involved with evaluation and monitoring in the community. Nurses have ensured personalized, high-quality services irrespective of the risks due to the Pandemic condition.

Kalinga Institute of Nursing Sciences (KINS) organized a webinar on the theme “Nurses: A Voice To Lead – A Vision for Future Health Care” on 12th May 2021. Unfolding the theme of the International Nurses Day–2021, Prof. (Mrs.) Amarita Lenka, Principal, KINS asked all stakeholders to raise awareness about the role nurses play in society, their contributions, commitment and dedication in providing quality healthcare to their patients. Prof. (Mrs.) Niyati Das, Vice-Principal, KINS and Mrs. Reena Singh, Assistant Professor also spoke at the inaugural session.  

Speaking at the webinar, Mrs. Soumya Sonalika, Assistant Professor, KINS elaborated on “Impacts of the Global COVID-19 Pandemic on the Healthcare System”. The second speaker, Mrs. Aparna Moharana, Tutor, KINS highlighted the role Nurses play to provide quality healthcare. Mrs. Sasmita Nayak, Tutor, KINS emphasized the role and responsibilities of the Nurses during the pandemic.

Students from M.Sc.1st & 2nd year, B.Sc. 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th year, G.N.M. 1st, 2nd & 3rd year and members of KINS fraternity were part of this event. The programme was moderated by Mrs. Reena Singh, Assistant Professor, KINS and concluded with a vote of thanks by Mrs. S. Bhaktiswarupa, Assistant Professor, KINS.