KSCE Organizes School-level Elocution Contest


KIIT School of Commerce and Economics (KSCE) organized a school-level Elocution Contest on 18th March 2021 on the topic “Privatization of Education; A boon or bane for the Society”. Students in large numbers from all the courses participated in the contest. Participants put forward their passionate arguments both in favour and against the motion. While all the participants agreed that privatization brings efficiency, they differed on other aspects. Those who spoke in favour, mentioned how private educational institutions are effectively carrying on the teaching-learning process imparting world-class education. Contestants who spoke against the motion argued that education is one of the basic necessities of the nation. So a country cannot let the private players entirely handle such important aspects of the lives of the citizens. Students contested each other with intense and impassioned thought provoking arguments. It provided students with a great opportunity to hone their elocution skills. 

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