School Of Law Organizes Webinar on Global Trade Economic Protectionism


KIIT Centre for Studies in Business and Corporate Law (KCBCL), School of Law conducted a Webinar on Global Trade and Economic Protectionism with Special Reference to Post-Covid Scenario on ZOOM platform on 18th April 2021. It was graced by eminent speakers namely, Ms. Amshuly Chandran, Legal Counsel, Dan Tan Law; Ms. Ritika Bansal, Indian Economic Service, Government of India; and Mr. Jayant Raghu Ram, Principal Associate, Customs and International Trade Division, L&S.The topic of discussion wasGlobal Trade Policies and Remedies under Multilateral Trade Agreements in Post-Pandemic Scenario

Welcoming the speakers and participants, Prof. (Dr.) Bhavani Prasad Panda, Director, KIIT School of Law & Chairperson, KCBCL spoke on the relevance of global trade in the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on world trade as well as our daily lives. The speakers were introduced by Prof. (Dr.) Puranjay Ghosh, Faculty Convenor for the event.

Speaking on the topic “Global Trade Policies and Remedies under Multilateral Trade Agreements in Post Pandemic Scenario”, Ms. Amshuly Chandran described the prerequisites for making a career in world trade after LL.B. Degree. She shared her personal experience of working in various departments and in the WTO.

The second session on the topic “Economic Protectionism in Post Pandemic Scenario” was taken by Ms. Ritika Bansal. She discussed the role of various stakeholders in trade – the consumers, Government, producers and financial sector. The speaker went on to describe the reasons behind the presence of these stakeholders. Referring to the “vaccine war” during the Covid-19 pandemic between EU and UK, Ms. Bansal explained the emerging terminologies such as “vaccine nationalism” and “vaccine protectionism”. She pointed out that it is not mandatory to export or import under these terminologies. She also discussed the Carbon Adjusted Border Mechanism (CABM Proposal) and the Carbon Leakage, and the EU’s trade deficit in iron and steel.

Speaking on career in international trade, Mr. Jayant Raghu Ram enlightened on various aspects of pursuing a career in international trade and his involvement in the Ministry of Commerce. “Apart from that, there are also various avenues on international trade through Indian Trade Services, Indian Economic Service and Indian Administrative / Foreign Service”, he remarked. The speaker placed some tips for the aspirants on career in International Trade Law. He mentioned that after 2019, India was no longer interested in the Free Trade Agreements, rather was focusing on the market access of local goods. Concluding his talk, he posed the question whether these measures by the Government of India was protection or protectionism?

The webinar ended with the vote of thanks by Prof. Mrs. Ipsita Das, Centre Coordinator, KCBCL, Assistant Professor, School of Law. Suparna Kundu and Mudit Mandhana, Student Members (4th Year), KCBCL and Adyasa Mohanty, Student Coordinator (5th Year) were the Rapporteurs of the webinar. As many as 53 participants joined the webinar.

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