KIIT School of Law Organizes Webinar on ‘Federation of Earth & World Governance’


KIIT Centre for Constitutional Law Studies and Research (CCLSR) of KIIT School of Law (KSOL) organised a webinar on ‘Federation of Earth and the World Governance’ on 21st March 2021. Prof. (Dr.) Glen T Martin, Professor of Philosophy, Radford University and Prof. (Dr.) K. Parmeshwaran, Associate Professor, Gandhinagar National Law University were the eminent speakers at the webinar.  

Introducing the concept of the ‘New World Rule’ and ‘Unity in Diversity’ through the implementation of the ‘World Constitution’, Prof. Martin reflected on the functional issues of World Government. A new perspective about the composite wholeness of the global community was advocated. Prof. Martin inspired the policy makers and researchers to look beyond boundaries, and advocated for stretching conscientiously to infuse world peace. A range of newer paradigms may be invented to bury age-old conflicts. ‘Peace globally and world peace’ is the distinguishing instrument to resolve the conflicts of nations. With his unique propositions and writings, Prof. Martin is a frontrunner for the World Constitution.

Prof. Parameshwaran, elaborated on his favourite topic ‘Spirituality, Legal Order and Human Unity’. He articulated the interplay between the concepts of spirituality and the legal order, extending the concept to the world legal order. He elaborated on the basic and innermost level of peacefulness; that is, spirituality, while advocating that the concept of ‘world peace’ truly travels beyond documents and is something that has to be achieved through a process of internal shift of paradigms. The internalization process will eventually converge with legal order at the apex level globally. Harmonisation of things towards peace spiritually is integral and reflective in aspects of human rights and human unity and global legal order. He extensively quoted Rishi Aurobindo. Prof. Parameshwaran added value to the virtual conference with his noble understanding of Rishi Aurobindo in the challenging age of machine learning and transnational legal imperatives. 

The webinar was attended by students, lawyers and academicians across the country and abroad. It was organized under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) Bhavani Prasad Panda, Director, KSOL, along with the team of faculties, students and participants led by Prof. (Dr.) Kyvalya Garikapati Assistant Professor, KSOL and Faculty Coordinator at CCLSR, Prof. Yogesh Mishra, Asst. Professor, KSOL.

The student team included Mr. Arko Probha Roy, Ms. Anushka Jha, Ms. Dibyangana Das, Convenor, Mr. Ayush Verma, Co-Convenor & Head of Public Relations and Ms. Anuja Tripathy, Co-Convenor at CCLSR. The technical assistance was provided by the student body comprising of Ms. Krishna Mishra, Mr. Suraj, Mr. Aniruddha Jena, Ms. Soma. The webinar was immensely successful with active participation of scholars across the academics.