KSRM Organizes Alumni Talk


Ms. Ritika Sood, MBA (RM) of 2009-11 Batch, who is presently working as Senior Partner Relations Manager, Arifu, Nairobi, Kenya, delivered a talk for the students of MBA (RM) and MBA (ABM) on 24th September, 2020. 

Her talk focused on how to maximize and be effective while at KSRM and how best to prepare for the world post KSRM. She emphasized the students to focus on learning and professional growth. Ms. Sood also highlighted the significance of networking, which is the key to learning new ideas. Students have the advantage of a huge alumni network of KIIT across the country. She advised the students to believe in self and be confident. And for this one needs to gain more knowledge and keep oneself updated.

Ms. Sood urged the students to be experimental and explore working in different cultures. She also emphasized the need to strengthen communication skills, including written skills. She shared about her own experience of further pursuance of studies at the John Hopkins University and working with several international agencies on project design, strategy, management, and consulting experience in the value/supply chain, youth employability and economic development across India and East Africa.  The session was moderated by Prof. V. Venkatakrishnan from KSRM.

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