KSOM Professors Launch MOOC Course on SWAYAM Platform


Prof. Rabi N. Subudhi, Senior Professor, KIIT School of Management, and Prof. Sumita Mishra, Dean, KIIT School of Management, launched a MOOC Course titled “Quantitative and Mixed Method Research” on the SWAYAM Platform, an initiative by the Government of India, coordinated by IIM Bangalore’s SWAYAM Centre.

SWAYAM is the largest online MOOC platform offering numerous courses across diverse disciplines. The “Quantitative and Mixed Method Research” course spans 8 weeks and is of 2 credits. Upon successful completion of all evaluated components, participants will receive a certificate jointly issued by SWAYAM and KIIT-DU.

For details, please check the course preview: https://onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/imb23_mg68/preview.

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