ATAL FDP on “Behavioural Finance and Investment Management” Concludes at KSOM


KIIT School of Management (KSOM) conducted a five-day Online Faculty Development Program (FDP) on ‘Behavioural Finance & Investment Management’ from 22nd-26th June 2021. The FDP, approved by ATAL, AICTE, Govt. of India, received an overwhelming response attracting 200 participants from across India from the field of Finance, Economics, and Commerce. The FDP was bagged by Dr. Shikta Singh, Associate Professor, KSOM, KIIT-DU.

The five-day, which consisted of 14 sessions, aimed at providing opportunities to the participants to learn models and methodologies of a very novel area of discussion in the area of Behavioural Finance, having relevance to a wide spectrum in recent times. Dr. Singh took two sessions – Understanding Behavioral Finance & Building Blocks of Behavioural Finance.

The dignitaries who conducted the sessions were: Dr. Jitendra Mahakud, IIT Kharagpur; Dr. Tapas Mishra, Southampton University, UK; Dr. Amitabh Gupta, Delhi University; Dr. Pravakar Sahoo, IEG, Delhi; Dr. Arun Jhulka, DU; Ms. Renu Maheshwari, CEO Finscholarz; Mr. Umang Kejriwal, Finland Labs; Dr. Debasish Das, CEO Humanlinks; Mr. Ashutosh Kumar, CEO Skill Capital; Mr. Sachin Agarwal, C.A., SEBI, NISM Trainer; and Dr. Ipsita Nayak, Asst. Professor, KSOM.

These sessions aimed to equip faculties and participants from various institutions and Universities with proper behavioural and financial skills across a wide range of competencies. They provided insightful information and hands-on experience on various components of the theme. These were supplemented with polls, Q&A sessions, simulations, videos, cases and activities conducted in different groups.

The FDP was inaugurated on 21st June 2021 in the presence of Mr. Tirthankar Das, ED, JP Morgan New York & New Jersey, USA, Dr. S. K. Mahapatra, Director, KSOM, Dr. S. N. Misra, Dean, KSOM and the faculty members over the virtual mode.

Appreciating KSOM for organizing the FDP, Mr. Tirthankar Das, set a perfect pitch to introduce the broad theme on Behavioural Finance highlighting the relevance of various biases affecting investors’ decisions. He also shared his experience with the diverse roles he held. He indulged the participants to ponder upon the skills, expertise, and competencies that a finance professional requires to possess. Dr. S. K. Mahapatra provided an overview of the program and mentioned the functioning of the niche area, while Dr. S. N. Misra welcomed the delegates, participants, and resource persons. He cited the relevance of such a topic which is critical in academic and research engagement. The inaugural session ended with the vote of thanks by the convenor, Dr. Shikta Singh.

Valedictory session of the program was held on 26th June 2021 in the presence of Dr. S. K. Mahapatra, Dr. S. N. Misra, Dr. Ashok Sar, Professor, KSOM and faculty members who have bestowed their support and encouragement.

Speaking at the valedictory event, Dr. S. N. Misra, Dean, School of Management welcomed and thanked the faculty members cum participants from KIIT and outside institutions along with external and internal resource persons for their active involvement throughout the FDP. In his address, Dr S. K. Mahapatra, Director, KSOM explained the importance of such programs for faculty members and also recommended the continuity of such work. He appreciated the efforts of the convenor and every person who helped make this program a success. He also thanked Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder, KIIT & KISS for his whole-hearted support to the virtual FDP-2021.

Dr. Ashok Sar also gave his insights on choosing such an unexplored area of delivery. Previously, Dr. Shikta Singh, the coordinator of the ATAL FDP-21 welcomed everyone and presented the details of the FDP program through a video and PPT. She talked about the immense interest shown by participants throughout the program. She addressed the audience by conveying her gratitude to all the attendees of the sessions. She talked in brief about the sessions and resource persons along with sharing her own experiences over the course of five days.

The FDP had about 200 participants from all over India.  The participants provided positive feedback for all the sessions. The session closed with the vote of thanks by the convenor, Dr. Shikta Singh. She thanked ATAL, AICTE, and KIIT for this opportunity.