KIIT School of Languages Organizes Wellness Webinar on OM Chanting for Stress Management


KIIT School of Languages (KSOL) organized a wellness webinar on “OM Chanting and its Impact on Stress Management” for students, faculty members and staff of the University. The talk was presented by Dr. Biswa Bandita Kar, Dean, School of Yoga, KIIT who explained the healing effect of Pranayam particularly OM Chanting on the human body and mind through cosmic vibrations and awakening of Kundalini Chakras to overcome stress and physical ailments.

While mentioning the transcendental effect of OM Chanting, Dr. Kar elaborated the physiological influence of Pranayam and meditation due to which secretion of the body’s stress hormone, Cortisol, gets reduced to 85% if a person chants OM 108 times a day. OM chanting helps in generation of B-Cell and T-Cell which builds the immune system and minimizes the harmful effect of stress hormones.

She said, the Yogic mental therapy of OM chanting, meditation and sound vibrations helps in improving cognitive functions like memory, concentration, perception and learning efficiency. Due to OM chanting, secretion of Melatonin hormone increases which results in good and stress free sleeping with proper circadian rhythm and synchronizing effect of Delta waves from brain in less amplitude. She also explained how the vibrational aura of OM chanting arouses consciousness and helps in realizing the Turiya state of Sleeping, i.e. pure consciousness as mentioned in Mandukya Upanishad which is a combination of earlier 3-states of awake, dream-filled sleep and deep sleep.

Dr. Kar suggested the therapy of pressing each finger tips 20 times a day to get relief from stress, sleeplessness, high blood pressure and sugar related problems.  She said OM chanting creates vibrations in the 5 –points of the spinal cord which has a healing effect in back pain, ageing issues, ailments related to spinal cord.

The session was initiated and moderated by Mr. Sameer Kumar Das, Deputy Director and Dr Biswajit Das, Professor & Dean, KSOL gave the welcome remark by highlighting the immense contribution of Dr. B. B. Kar for research and projects in diversified fields of science, spirituality and yoga.

Dr. Sahel Md Delabul Hossain, Assistant Professor and Coordinator, KSOL concluded the session with his observations and responses towards the far-reaching benefits of meditation and OM chanting for maintaining the physio-neuro-spiritual order of life. He extended the vote of thanks to the speaker and audience on behalf of KSOL. 

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