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1. Rath, M. and Das, P. K. (2021), Odia Literary Imagination and the Adivasi before Paraja: An Exploration, The IUP Journal of English Studies, Vol. XVI, No. 1, March 2021, pp. 50–60, Available at SSRN:


The simple lives of the Adivasis have stimulated literary imagination everywhere. In Odisha, initially for administrative purposes, colonial rulers came in contact with the Adivasis and started writing ethnographic details about them. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, an emerging Odia middle class started writing about the indigenous people of Odisha. The paper proposes to study the predecessors of novelization of Adivasi life. It analyses the first four decades of the twentieth century when interest in the Adivasis gradually increased in Odisha. It explores Odia literary imagination on Adivasis before the publication of Paraja (1945), a classic on Adivasi life.

Book Chapter

1. Roy, D. and Putatunda, T. (2021), Technology in Language Classrooms of India: Decoding Digital Learning and Dynamics of Context and Curriculum in Digitization of Economy and Society: Emerging Paradigms, SudeshnaBasu Mukherjee, Saheli Guha NeogiGhatak, Nilanjan Ray (Eds.), Apple Academic Press, Taylor & Francis, Palm Bay (United States), pp. 279–292.


Global digital revolution of the 1990s accentuated the use of technology in educational frameworks leading to examination of hitherto-followed classroom pedagogy and its objectives. A similar inquiry followed the Indian educational context that was, at the same time, being re-forged by economic liberalisation and globalisation. With technology foraging into the language curriculum, there was a rapid reconstruction of pedagogic practices. However, the “digital divide” caused an asymmetrical distribution of technological and educational opportunities among the urban and rural sections of the nation. This chapter traces the dynamics of Indian socio-cultural contexts and language education vis-à-vis technology-enhanced language learning.

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