School of Applied Sciences (Jan – Mar 2023)


For Journal paper:

  1. Jena, A. K., Sahu, M. C., Kannan, U. M., Mallik, S. K., Sahoo, S., & Pradhan, G. K. (2023). Bipolar Resistive Switching in TiO2 Artificial Synapse Mimicking Pavlov’s Associative Learning. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 15(2), 3574–3585. (IF: 10.383)

Abstract: Memristive devices are among the most emerging electronic elements to realize artificial synapses for neuromorphic computing (NC) applications and have potential to replace the traditional von-Neumann computing architecture in recent times. In this work, pulsed laser deposition-manufactured Ag/TiO2/Pt memristor devices exhibiting digital and analog switching behavior are considered for NC. Based on the LTP-LTD, a neural network simulation for the pattern recognition task using the MNIST data set is investigated, which shows a high recognition accuracy of 95.98%. Furthermore, more complex synaptic behavior such as STDP and Pavlovian classical conditioning is successfully emulated for associative learning of the biological brain.

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