School of Electronics Engineering (February 2022)


Journal Papers

1.   Sanath Kumar Mishra, SrinibasaPadhy, Udai P. Singh (2022), Silver incorporated bilayer Kesterite solar cell for enhanced device performance: A numerical study, Solar Energy,vol.233,February 2022,pages 1-10, (IF 5.742)


In this work, the analytical results pertaining to modeling of silver substituted Kesterite absorber (Cu1-xAgx)2ZnSnSe4 (ACZTSe) and (Cu1-xAgx)2ZnSnS4 (ACZTS) materials are demonstrated. The promising Ag incorporated materials exhibit improvement in open circuit voltage of the Kesterite structure. The pure Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) and Cu2ZnSnSe4 (CZTSe) are considered and modelled as the baseline structures for simulation in SCAPS. To improve the performance parameters, the analysis was carried out for tandem structures with silver substituted in place of copper in the Kesterite material. The modelled Ag substituted tandem devices ACZTSe/CZTSe and CZTS/ACZTS results in efficiency of 19.37% and 23.50% respectively.

2. Mishra, A., Jha, A.K.V., Appasani, B., Ray, A.K., Gupta, D. K. and Ghazali, A. N. (2022), Emerging technologies and design aspects of next generation cyber physical system with a smart city application perspective, International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management, DOI: (Scopus CiteScore:3.1)


The Cyber Physical System (CPS) is a disruptive technology that has combined the burgeoning technologies from various domains. The CPS is continuously evolving with the incorporation of next-generation technologies. A CPS capable of supporting next-generation applications is referred to as the Next Generation Cyber Physical System (NG-CPS). This paper comprehensively discusses the different emerging technologies such as Internet of Things, Machine to Machine communication, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big-Data, etc. for the NG-CPS. Further, a generic NG-CPS framework is proposed covering all design aspects including physical design aspects, cyber design aspects and communication design aspects. To aid network designer in networking, the state-of-art protocols stack is also presented for smart city NG-CPS.

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