School of Civil Engineering (Jun – July 2022)


Journal Paper

  1. Beriha, B., Sahoo, U.C. & Anush, K.C. (2022). Analysis of flexible pavement with cement treated base layer subjected to multi-axle loading. Journal of the Indian Roads Congress, 81(3), 15–22.


While the tire contact pressure and wheel loads are important inputs for pavement analysis, the number of contact points per vehicle and their spacing are also critical. With the change in axle configuration from single to tandem and tridem, tire loads get closer together and their influence areas on the pavement begin to overlap. Therefore, in case of multi-axle loading, it is necessary to understand the combined effect of all the interacting tire loads for rational pavement design. In the present IRC:37-2018 guidelines, stress computation under multi-axle loading is not available, rather it converts the tandem and tridem axles into equivalent single axles. In order to compute pavement responses under multi-axle loadings, a program called “Cross Pave” was developed under this study. Cross Pave adopts the concept given in AASHTO Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guidelines (MEPDG) for estimating critical pavement responses under multi-axle loading. The program was validated with popular multi-layered linear elastic analysis programs such as IITPAVE and WESLEA. In the case of flexible pavements with cement treated base (CTB) layer, the present IRC approach was found to be overestimating the design thickness of CTB layer compared to the MEPDG approach.

Consultancy Services

S. No.OrganisationWork DescriptionStatus
1Woodhill Infrastructure Ltd.Design & Drawing of Widening Major Bridge at Ch-250/240 of Project “Widening of the existing lane to 2 Lane with paved shoulder from Km 239.900 to 294.300 (Nayagarh to Khurda) excluding Khurda bypass of NH 57 in the state of Odisha on EPC Mode”completed
2NCCBMMaterial testing for NBCC, Angul, Odishaongoing
3Dhenkanal and Jatni MunicipalityGreywater Sample Testingongoing
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