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Newsletter  |  Volume 6  |  Issue 1  |  February 2022


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Founder's Message

The University without research and innovation is like fish without water. R and D is essential bedrock of academic calibre of the university.

Prof Achyuta Samanta
Founder KIIT & KISS | MP Loksabha

From the Editors Desk

Large number of submissions of news items from Schools gives us much cheer and satisfaction. But, as it happens, when new ventures and initiatives are introduced and missed milestones are apprehended and when online coordination rather than face-to-face meeting becomes the order of the day, errors often creep in due to oversight. A few unfortunate errors have occurred in our last published Newsletters. We apologise for such errors. These errors have crept in mostly when the submitted materials are restructured at some stage in the mailing pipeline. To prevent errors occurring due to such rearrangements, we have decided to make minimal changes in the original structureof the material submitted by the Schools.Thus, from the current newsletter onward, the news items will appear School-wise under the broad headings of PhDs awarded, etc.

We invite you to send us short communications on historically significant events that have changed the course of human life and communications on current events taking place elsewhere in the world that have pushed forward the boundary of science and technology. We would love to publish them in the forthcoming issues of the Newsletter. Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to receiving your continued cooperation. Every suggestion is welcome.

News Items 

Research & development news from KIIT schools

PhD Awards

Dr. Sakti Prasan Mohanty
School of Applied Sciences

Thesis Title: Manipulating Light with Photonic Structures for the Realisation of Communication and Sensing

Dr. Junali Jasmine Jena
School of Computer Engineering

Thesis Title: Social Group Optimization: Analysis, Modifications and Applications

Editorial Board


Prof. (Dr.) Achyuta Samanta


Sasmita Samanta

Jnyana Ranjan Mohanty


S. Nanda                                  

P. K. J. Mohapatra

Associate Editors

P. Patjoshi

S. Patnaik

S. Moulick

S. C. Satapathy

B. K. Nayak

U. P. Singh

B. B. Das

S. C. Swain

B. P. Panda

S. N. Mishra

P. C. Mishra

Executive Editors

A. K. Sahoo

A. K. Ray

The contents of these items have been authenticated by the respective Schools.