World Mental Health Day: KSAC Organizes Podcast on ‘Your Story Matters’


Who knows the hustle of youth better than the youth themselves? A Podcast on “Your Story Matters” was organized by KIMAYA, the Medical Society of KIIT on World Mental Health Day, 10th October 2020. The podcast was moderated by Dr. Ansuman Kar, an alumnus.

The speakers in the podcast were students, Aayush Priyam, Heeba Afaf, Kaushiki Pandey, Meenu Kumari, Nupur Pandey, Rigi Udbhavi, Roopkatha Roy and Utab Ganguly, who shed light on daily commotions in a student life. Dr. Shyam Sundar Behura, Dy. Director, Student Services, KIIT welcomed Dr. Kar and all speakers and wished them a productive discussion.

A survey was done a few days prior to the podcast, which brought forward four major issues that the youth and particularly the students dealt with during the pandemic. These issues were discussed in the podcast with open questions from the audience. Starting with the tiresome online classes and examination, dealing with parental expectations, career dilemmas in COVID and peer pressure were the topics of discussion.

Speakers shared their closest experience with anxiety and promoted seeking professional help for the same. Dr. Kar with his expertise emphasized on the fact that one should never take anxiety lightly and should always be there to hear and support our friends and family members who are at stress. The main goal of the session was to normalize the idea of mental health.

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