Khwaab Society of KSAC celebrated Diwali at an Orphanage


Diwali is a celebration of lights, symbolizes the victory of good over evil and spreading happiness with
the family and around us.

Khwaab, the Social Responsibility Society’s primary motto is spreading happiness and bringing smile on
the face of people around us. Based on that notion what would be better than celebrating the festival
with the one who don’t have family and by doing so giving them a chance to see that they matter to us
and they belong here with us in this society. 

Keeping this is mind, the members of Khwaab celebrated Diwali with the children in the Orphanage,
Prativa Ashram, Khandagiri on 23rd October,2022. It started with making Rangoli with the children
followed by distribution of Diyas. The student members also organized music and dance events for the
children. The full day event ended with distribution of Notebooks and sweets. Dr. Shyam Sundar Behura,
Dy. Director SS thanked the 40 student members of Khwaab and staffs Ms. Abantika Pattanayak and Ms.
Jayalaxmi Mishra for taking forward the “Art of Giving” initiative of Founder Sir.

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