‘Kronicle’, KSAC Organizes Levitating Podium 2020

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‘Kronicle’, the Literary (Debating) Society, KIIT Student Activity Centre (KSAC) conducted Levitating Podium 2020, a Debating competition on 13th December 2020. The competition had two rounds – extempore and ‘Devil’s Advocate’. In the extempore round, one minute preparation time and one minute speaking time was allowed. The topics were absolutely abstract in nature, yet interesting. Each and every participant was given a different topic to speak upon. The judges for the first round were Dr. Pallavi Kiran and Dr. Shruti Amar from KIIT School of Humanities. They judged the participants on the basis of content, delivery and interpretation. The top 15 qualified for the final round.

The Final Round was named ‘Devil’s Advocate’.  It was all about advocating the devil’s ideologies and actions. The participants were given topics that were conflicting in nature and they had to defend it. They were given the motions through WhatsApp group and had three minutes of preparation time and three minutes of speaking time. The judge for this round was Mr. Ashok Pradhan who is the Bureau Chief, Times of India Bhubaneswar. Dr. Shyam Sundar Behura, Dy. Director Student Services, KIIT thanked the organizing team for successfully executing the event and congratulated the winners.

Winners: Anmol Raj, 2nd year B-Tech, School of Computer Science; Milan Kumari Panda, 1st year BA English (Hons), School of Language; Adrita Ray Choudhury, 2nd year B-Tech, School of Computer Science.