Day of Kindness Well Spent by Members of KIMAYA, KSAC


A group of 20 members of KIMAYA, the Medical Society of KIIT functioning at KSAC, visited Shree Krishna Anand Old Age Home, Samantarapur, Bhubaneswar and engaged in fun-filled activities with the inmates on 13th November 2022, on the occasion of World Kindness Day. The group performed comedy acts that evoked laughter from the elderly inmates. They sang and danced with about 50 people staying at the Old Age Home and presented  them with fruits and steel plates.  

The team members of KIMAYA also made a presentation on oral health covering the causes and management of oral health diseases. The elderly people were touched by the team members’ gesture and some even invited them to their homes at their native places. Dr. Shyam Sundar Behura, Dy. Director, SS also accompanied the team members. The event was coordinated by Ms. Jayalaxmi Mishra, Staff In-charge, KSAC. The team thanked the coordinator of the Old Age Home for facilitating the programme.

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