KSAC Organizes 4th Episode of “Koffee with Kalliope” Season-2


The much-awaited 4th episode of the second season of “Koffee with Kalliope” on 19th June 2022 starred Prof. Siddhartha Rastogi, an Associate Professor at IIM Indore, an author and a mellifluous poet. He co-authored the widely acclaimed book, Managerial Economics: Principles and Worldwide Applications.

The session kicked-off with a discussion about the pros and cons of online and offline education and continued with Prof. Rastogi sharing about his journey of becoming a professor. Hailing from a traditional business family, joining the family business after graduation was something he was sure about. However, being motivated by his passion for reading books and zeal to learn more, he decided to explore other paths. Prof. Rastogi shared his views on the economic policies of India and also talked about how he decided to pursue a career in Economics.

Enthralling the audience with vivid tales about his hobby of bird watching, he shared about his love of poetry. The audience also had the opportunity to listen to Prof. Rastogi recite a few lines of poetry. Concluding the session, Prof. Rastogi urged everyone to be curious and explore. This episode was hosted by anchors Shreya Verma and Sanskar Mohanty. Dr. Shyam Sundar Behura, Dy. Director SS thanked Prof. Rastogi for sharing his expertise with the students.

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