Kraya & Kuber Society of KSAC organized Marketing Workshop 3.0


Team Kraya and Kuber, The official Marketing and Finance Society of KSAC, KIIT has
hosted an informative yet engaging workshop themed by “Career opportunities in Marketing ” on
2nd April 20222 at 4P.M. The workshop had an eminent facilitator Prof. Joydeep Biswas as the
Guest Speaker who brings a lot of expertise to this particular area.

Prof. Joy has close to 8 years of industry experience in premier companies like ITC, Nokia and
IBM. He has worked in domains of Sales, Distribution Management, Brand Marketing and
CRM. His experience spans across industries like FMCG foods, tobacco, mobile devices and IT
services. Joydeep was a recipient of academic merit scholarship by Provident Fund of India at
IIT BHU. Before joining KIIT, he was heading Kerala for ITC foods as Assistant Branch

Prof. Joydeep Biswas started the session by asking the students about what were the possible
areas for a marketing career. The students started sharing their ideas about marketing careers.
Then Prof. Joydeep imparted knowledge about the different fields of marketing which the
students can pursue. He also talked about different roles and responsibilities involved in each
particular role. Prof. Joydeep enacted that Marketing is involved in many things including and
not restricted to Networking, retail, SEO, Affiliate marketing and Digital Marketing.

He stressed on the very neglected fact that a Consumer is a person who uses the product and a
Customer iIs a person who buys the product.

He further told the students about how the process of understanding the consumer by market
research and explained about the different processes involved in creating a product which
includes identifying the need, talking with Research and Development teams, creation of
product, consumer survey, giving a brief to the product team, creating a prototype, creating
samples, taking to market, presenting to targeted customers, taking their inputs , making
necessary changes and thereafter finalizing the product.

Prof. Joydeep then explained about the different types of careers in marketing like consumer
marketing management, customer relationship management, research manager, marketing
manager, brand manager, pricing manager, product manager, distribution manager, retail
marketing, promotion, advertising agency.

The workshop was a big success for the team with 180+ participants from different backgrounds
with the Support and Guidance from Prof. (Dr.) Shyam Sundar Behura, Dy. Director Student
Services and Prof. Biswajeet Patnaik and under the Leadership of Society Coordinator Ms.
Limarani Nayak and her team.

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