Live Online Educational Presentation at KINS


“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepared for it today.” –Malcolm X

M.Sc. Nursing 2nd year students of Kalinga Institute of Nursing Sciences (KINS) organized a “Live Online Educational Presentation on Nomenclature and Uses of Medical and Surgical Instruments” on 31st July & 2nd August 2021 through virtual platform. In all, 200 students and faculty members of KINS participated at the event. Welcoming the student participants and faculty members, Prof. Mrs. Amrita Lenka, Principal (CON), KINS commended the organizing students for their hard work in organizing the programme.   

On the first day, Mrs. Elina Jena, a 2nd Year student of M.Sc. Nursing, demonstrated and explained about fundamental instruments and articles like sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, different types of thermometers, glucometers, etc. Ms. Pragnya Paramita Bhoi discussed about the physiological monitors like ECG Electrodes, SpO2 Finger Sensor, Blood Pressure Cuff, Endotracheal Cuff Pressure Monitor, Blood Gas Analyzer, Intra Aortic Balloon Pump and ECMO and Temperature Probe to measure the physiological signals. Ms. Akansha Tripti Horo discussed about the Medical Devices under that medical gloves and its types, feeding tube and its management, respirator and its uses, catheter and its types, intrauterine device and its advantages.

The last presenter of the day, Mr. Partha Sarathi Jena explained about the medical devices and their types and uses based on risk, such as syringes, pacemaker, syringe pump, walking and Oxygen tanks, which is basically used in the hospital sector. Each presentation was followed by a group discussion and doubt clarification session. Pre-test was conducted before starting the seminar and the overall programme was moderated by Ms. Sonali Mangaraj.

Ms. Akansha Tripti Horo, a 2nd Year student of M.Sc. Nursing, welcomed all the participants on the second day of the presentation, which was attended by 190 students and faculty members. Ms. Anusikta Panda presented and discussed about life support instruments and demonstrated instruments like Nebulizer Machine, Vacuum Suction, Ambu Bag Set, Crash trolley, Ventilator, Defibrillator, etc. Ms. Anita Panigrahi described and demonstrated the life support equipment under the ventilator. Mr. Dilip Kumar Dash discussed different types of surgical instruments, general surgical instruments, orthopaedic instruments, cardiovascular instruments, gynecological instruments like Artery forceps, Alies tissue forceps, Scissors, etc. Ms. Bishnupriya Lenka presented the diagnostic procedure instruments like ultrasound, X-Ray, CT Scan and MRI as well as risks and complications during procedure and nurses role. The last presenter, Ms. Smruti Pragyan Sahoo explained the topic, “Sterilization of equipment”.

Group discussion, doubt clarification and post-test followed the presentations. The programme was coordinated by Ms. Akansha Tripti Horo. It concluded with the vote of thanks by Mr. Divyanshu Tiwari. 

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