KIMS Professor Honoured with Papanicolaou Samman


Cancer of the cervix is a common gynaecological malignancy. Crude incidence is twenty per lakh of population in India. It is a leading cause of cancer death of women in underdeveloped countries. Health education, pap smear screening and immunization with HPV vaccine are the three pillars of preventive strategy against this deadly disease. In Odisha, ABC foundation is collaborating with the state cancer institute, i.e.  Acharya Harihar PG Institute of Cancer, to stimulate institutions and individuals to propagate the strategy.

In recognition of lifelong contribution in this field, an award called ‘Papanicolaou Samman’ is conferred on a senior professional every year. It is named after the inventor of Pap Smear and is bestowed on the birthday of Nobel Laureate Dr. Harald Zur Hausen, who linked the HPV virus with cervix cancer. This year Prof. Sudhanshu Kumar Rath, HOD (OBG), Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) was chosen to receive the prestigious award. The honour was conferred at a function held in AHPGIC by Director Dr Lalatendu Sarang on 11th March 2021.

In his acceptance speech, Prof. Rath credited his colleagues and students who are working at the grass root level for the honour. The DG, KIMS congratulated Prof. Rath and wished the team OBG KIMS all the best to carry on the excellent work.