KIMS Paediatrics Faculties as National Trainers in TASK Module of Indian Academy of Paediatrics


Dr. Nirmal Kumar Mohakud, Professor, Dept. of Pediatrics, KIMS and Dr. Sibabratta Patnaik, Associate Professor imparted training as National Trainers under Transport of Sick Kids (TASK) Module developed under the Action Plan of 2021 of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP). Dr. Mohakud discussed what to do before transport and handover coaching, while Dr. Patnaik dealt with monitoring and what to do while on the road. They have trained around 40 faculties all over East-zone over a period of seven hours on virtual mode.

This manual is comprehensive and evidence-based, almost like a Bible on transport. There is a need for transportation across health tiers, due to paucity of ICU resources at lower tiers, and uneven distribution of PICU’s, with metropolitan clustering. This leads to a major service delivery challenge, compounded by transportation availability, distance decay, distance measures and travel time. By means of this module, they discussed how the paediatrics transports may be done in a protocolised manner.

It must be borne in mind that India is a vast country with varied sickness levels of individual patients and resource availability in terms of trained manpower, equipment, drugs and transportation services. Hence, it is advised to the team to review their logistical issues (manpower, equipment, drugs, transport logistics, training, patient concerns as sickness level) and individualize their decisions on a case to case basis. They should also counsel and discuss with patients and family on a case to case basis, and take the decision taking them into confidence, with their consent.

Dr. Mohakud and Dr. Patnaik expressed gratitude to IAP for reposing faith on them as National Trainers for this Task Module. They thanked their ‘simulation and presentation’ team consisting of talented faculties, residents and students, who worked tirelessly to put forth amazing work. They also paid their sincere gratitude to KIMS Management for providing a national level platform to perform their academic work.