Happy National Doctors Day (Message from Hon’ble Founder)


The 1st of July this year is truly auspicious in many ways. The day marks two significant events, two occasions that are close to our hearts. The annual Rath Yatra celebration is being observed on July 1, and the celebration is also coinciding with National Doctors Day. While the country soaks in the Rath Yatra festivities, invoking the blessings of the Holy Trinity, it is an occasion when humanity at large pays its love and respect to the doctors, the real-life heroes who are the reason for our well-being. For me and the countless people, I am sure, a doctor is as much revered in the family as the Deity. 

The late Bidhan Chandra Roy, whose birth anniversary is celebrated as the Doctors Day, was one such physician of reverence, and an epitome of care and compassion. He had an uncanny ability to diagnose the ailments before the lab tests. To his patients, he was more than a doctor.

At KIMS, we endeavour to make the patients feel the same way. It is nurtured by doctors of repute. It is made of physicians who command respect and admiration in equal measure in society. I am incredibly proud of our doctors’ achievements, their relentless service during the Covid 19 pandemic and hope that they would continue to advance the cause of KIMS philosophy – offering advanced medical care with compassion. We are indebted to your relentless work with utmost dedication. If we have overcome the challenging times, it is because of you. KIIT, KISS and KIMS family is proud of you and lauds your commitment to the profession.

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