World Science Day Presentation


Dr. Ashok Kumar Badamali, Senior Consultant, Cardiac Anesthesiologist, KIMS delivered a talk on “Science for and with Society in Dealing with Global Pandemic” at an event organized by Dhenkanal Science Center on the occasion of ‘International Science Center and Science Museum Day-2020’ and ‘World Science Day for Peace and Development’.

Dr. Badamali covered and discussed the role of science in detection, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, surveillance, contact tracing, monitoring, contactless care delivery, PPE, biomedical waste management, supply chain & logistic management, virtual classes, work from home, simulation based capacity building, Role of AI, robotics, big data analytics, food storage and social security in fighting the ongoing pandemic. How to use science to diffuse the bomb of pandemic at its outbreak was among many questions from the audiences. Information on facilities at KIMS for Covid and post Covid care was given to the participants. The meeting was attended by students and faculty members of science centers all over India.

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