Webinar Session on Alumni Meet with ICE KIIT Student Chapter Past Presidents


A Webinar session with the Past Presidents of Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), KIIT Student Chapter was organized by School of Civil Engineering, KIIT Deemed to be University on 5th July, 2020. This event was an attempt to invite the successful Alumni of the School and interact with them so as to have an idea regarding their journey in the industry and higher studies sector as well, so as to make them evoke their University days and memories.

The Guests for this event were Mr. Debajyoti Saha and Mr. Rudroneel Manna who were the first and second President of this Very Society respectively. While Mr. Saha is currently a Technology Analyst at Infosys Melbourne, Australia, Roudroneel Manna is a Junior Research Fellow in the Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Kharagpur.

The Webinar was commenced with the introduction of an immediate Alumni Sagrika Roy in the presence of School of Civil Engineering Director Prof. Benu Gopal Mohapatra who is also the FIC of ICE KIIT Student Chapter; Prof. KP Samal, FIC KSCE and more than 50 ICE KIIT Student Chapter members. Sagarika hosted the webinar session and welcomed the Guests, the Director and all the student members requesting for a synergetic session.

Getting back in touch after almost 5 years, the alumni started reminiscing about the establishment of the Student Chapter being the 3rd of its kind in India. They recalled about all difficulties they went through from promotions to approval of the chapter, past events they organized under ICE KIIT Student Chapter and how the Director Prof. B.G Mohapatra kept encouraging and supporting through all of it. Further the session moved on for the alumni to answer the questions based on their academic and professional experiences. They mentioned that apart from their academia they also worked on extra-curricular and ICE events which helped them build their personality. They requested every member not to get disheartened by failures and to refrain from mistakes like giving a competitive exam for more than is required and move on with the career. “Do what you do right and you’ll find your objective”, the alumni suggested.

Later Roudraneel talked about some of his working soft-wares like ANSYS, SAP2000 and ABAQUS and how they work on solution based technique, breaking into small elements to analyze the structure and optimizing the solution by finite element method (FEM). Finally, both the Alumni expressed their sincere thanks to the University Authorities and beloved Founder, KIIT & KISS Dr. Achyuta Samanta for providing them a wonderful platform to achieve everything in their life.

The event was concluded by Prof. K.P. Samal who thanked each and everyone for their presence and for making the conference a success. The students were intensely benefitted and encouraged from the session. Special thanks were conveyed to the present President of ICE KIIT Student Chapter, Mr. Yash Raj for the planning of the wonderful event for which he was requested to continue such type of many more sessions in future.

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