The KiiT-IS MUN – From Diplomacy to Statesmanship

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With 700 delegates from 30 different schools across Odisha, the 8th edition of the most coveted conference of Odisha, the valedictory function of KiiT-IS MUN on 12th August 2019 was a culmination of months of hard work, anticipation and a sense of achievement. The MUN Conference was held in the School from 10th August, 2019 to 12th August 2019. 

The Chairperson of the school, Dr. Mona Lisa Bal addressed the delegation on sustainable development goals, with focus on inclusion and climate change as the theme of the conference expounding on the necessity of the need for immediate impactful action for climate change to build a truly democratic society. Dr. Bal also thanked the Executive Board, the delegates, alumni and the organizers. 

The Secretary General of the conference, Prajwal Patil, opined on how no world treaties, conventions or charters can bring in peace which an open mind and a strong commitment can. He addressed the dire state of instability and conflict that looms over nations and the significance of deliberation to make the world a better place. He reminded the students about the consequences of wars throughout history and mentions how healthy relationships and fair diplomacy can avoid conflicts that are constantly on an up rise around the world.

Principal of KiiT International School, Dr Sanjay Suar thanked the dignitaries on dais for their support and encouragement. He expressed his gratitude to the Executive Board members and the Organising Committee for their tireless efforts to make the MUN a success. He encouraged the delegates to give their best to make the MUN memorable and worthwhile. 

The inaugural and the first opening day with the EB members ensured that the build up to Day 2 would culminate in constructive deliberation and debate in each of the councils. The forum with the tribal students of KISS was the cynosure of all eyes. Inclusive education could not have had a better opportunity for debate. The voluntary ‘Plant a tree’ drive by the Organizing Committee was very well received and it was wonderful to see young student delegates carrying plants to their homes with a sense of ownership and nurturing.

The culmination of the MUN on Day 3 saw the delegates rewarded for their efforts after closing deliberation sessions in the morning. The EB Members were appreciated for their exceptional guidance and direction and the OC members for their hard work and single minded devotion. The EB members, the MUN secretariat and the OC members were felicitated for organizing a wonderful conference. The volunteers were commended for their exceptional commitment which made the MUN experience memorable.

The closing ceremony was presided by Chairperson, KiiT International School, Dr. Mona Lisa Bal, Principal, KiiT International School, Dr Sanjay Suar and Head of Upper Division, International Curriculum Mrs Nandita Mishra. Mrs Mishra actively supported the Conference and hoped that the students would work towards a more peaceful, happy and sustainable world.  The MUN closed with a social for the delegates to unwind and relax after three days of engagement.