Odisha Train Accident: YRC KIIT Volunteers Donate Blood for the Victims


In a display of compassion and solidarity, volunteers from Youth Red Cross KIIT stepped forward to donate blood for the victims of the train accident that occurred near Balasore last week. The volunteers reached Red Cross Bhavan, Bhubaneswar on 3rd June and donated blood. Some were joined by their family members as well. Their selfless act of generosity aims to support the survivors in their recovery and provide them with the life-saving resource they desperately need.

Such accidents cause immense suffering, but together, people can make a difference. Amidst the chaos and despair, the selfless act of donating blood has provided hope, healing, and strength to those affected by this tragedy. YRC KIIT is inspired by the young volunteers for showcasing their compassion and generosity and the impact they made on the lives of those affected. As the affected individuals continue their journey towards recovery, YRC KIIT stands in solidarity with them, extending support, and offering assistance whenever required. Dr. Chitralekha Jena, Assistant Professor at KIIT School of Electrical Engineering and Counselor at YRC KIIT, coordinated the process. 

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